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About Robomov

From Princeton, NJ / Berkeley, CA

Proud Sponsor of Princeton Soccer Robots
(2019/2022/2023 US National Champion, RoboCupJunior USA Soccer Light Weight/Open)

Authorized distributor for Daisen, Osaka, Japan

Robomov Mission Statement (PDF):

Playful problem solving for tomorrow’s digital world


What We Do


We sell electronic kits that enable children to build and program a soccer robot, and participate in yearly the Robocup Junior (RCJ) soccer tournament .
The TJ3B robotic kit was designed in Japan to help children aged 11-18 learn how to build and program robots for play and in the real world.

Why We Do It


We want to challenge kids to stretch their imagination and collaborate as a team to 5 implement 0their own ideas to solve the ever intriguing problem how to put the ball into the other goal.


How We Do It

The TJ3B robot (imported from Daisen Denshi, Osaka, Japan) is a kit with easy to follow 4assembly instructions. It can be programmed from a Windows computer with a graphical programming tool, purpose-built for children, called “C-Style”. Once assembled, this simple robot can easily be programmed to solve a variety of tasks, such as following a line, moving about in a box or field, or detecting an infrared RCJ soccer ball and moving it in the right direction.
Kids can team up (2 per team) to modify and upgrade the soft and hardware and participate in the yearly RCJ tournament.

The Sky is Not the Limit


Once kids progress to add more sensors to their robots, the graphical programming tool gets bulky. At this point, the software can be switched to plain C code at the switch of a button, and the kids suddenly find themselves programming a modern microcontroller like a pro. Hence, the kids experience how modern machines are programmed in the real world. The possibilities to modify their TJ3B are limitless, and the skills are directly transferable to other microcontroller, running your microwave oven or the International Space Station.

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