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  • How can I assemble the TJ3B kit?
    The best way is to come to our workshops, but if you are logistically unavailable, than the following video is very useful in constructing the TJ3B. .
  • How can I make an advanced robot?
    The first step to making an advanced robot is to order the TJ3B core and the motor controll board. Then, you need 4 omni wheels and 4 motors. You can make or order a base on where you assemble the parts. You will also need multiple ball sensors (4 recommended) and some line sensors. You will most likely need some help assembling and ordering parts, so please come to our workshop!
  • What is Robocup Junior?
    Robocup Junior is a tournament for students up to 19 years old to design and create two robots that are the best at playing soccer. The ball will emit infrared light and the court will be outlined with a white line. For more details, visit their site at
  • How are the robots programmed?
    The robots are programmed using a block based programming languege called C-Style that is based off C. Because it block based porgramming, it is extreemly easy to learn. It is also very easy to transition into coding in C because C-Style is based off of C. There are not a lot of tutorials online about how to code in C-Style so the best way to learn is to come to our workshops! You can download C-Style from here:
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