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Hands-on intensive instruction of soccer robots is now available.

2 days for a place to work on your robots this month, December, 2023 If you are able, come and join us! Dates: 23rd and 30th, December, Sat Time: 2- 4pm.

Location: Tigerlabs, 300 Witherspooin St., Princeton, NJ 08542

Sign up from the Workshop section of No specific presentation or guidance from PSR. We offer a place and some resources, you work on your own. Members🙋‍♀️ Headsup!🎉 May (a competition season) is not so far as we think😌. Last minute is not gonna work😄. Let's keep working on! New students and their parents;    Intensive hands-on instruction of TJ3B and Zircon is "available".

Max 2 new students at a time (approx 2 hours).  No cost for the trial.

Our soccer robot engineers and creators are available. Please email to to book us. If you can't make it on both 2 days but you want to have one from him, please email to, We will try our best to arrange time and location.   See you soon and have wonderful happy holidays!

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