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Getting Ready to Launch a Tool Set

to get you started with electronics from building to testing!

Santa told us that our customers are looking for tools to solder and measure voltage on their Zircon robot, or on other electronic projects.

Our TJ3B beginners robot comes with the tools to build it (though a Phillips screw driver would come in handy to make sure the screws are tight). But for the Zircon, a soldering iron, leadfree solder, wire cutters, pliers and a screw driver are definitely needed and all will be neatly provided in this tool set, along with a digital multimeter so you can test your circuits and build your own projects. Build a dribbler or kicker for your soccer robot, or build a completely different project!

Here is our stock. We've got four, three to sell and one for testing. More details about what's inside once we launch, but it's high quality tools and all you need to build a Zircon and some. We look forward to your feedback!

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