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Available only at workshops at Tigerlabs in Princeton, NJ, or some Maker Faire we attend, Thank you so much!


Simple level and Good to start robotics.


It has;

2 reflection sensors,

a battery holders (needs 3 AAA batteries),

USB port,

a program start button,

and a robot switch on/off button.


Free programming software C-Style;

an original block programming software based on C-based programming language with some sample programs.


For iPad and Windows computers only, (not for Mac OS for Mac book computer)


Install or download from the following link or App store.


For iPad, search C-Style by Daisendenshi on the App Store for iOS devices.


For Windows computers, please download the zip file from following link;



OS: after iOS10.0 ( iPad series After 2013) 
Battery: 3 AAA 
Size: 90 x 130 x 54 mm
Weight: 170g :. batteries

Simple level! Alpha-Xplorer with Bluetooth modul, 3 left!

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