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Our Robotics Tool Kit lets you build awesome projects!

Finally! We are thrilled to be officially launching our Robotics Tool Kit!

It contains all the tools you need to build and debug your own electronic projects: Robots, sensors, gadgets, blinking contraptions, GO MAKE IT HAPPEN!

The Robotics Tool Kit contains:

1. Soldering tools:

  • Temperature adjustable soldering iron (80W, 110-130W AC, 180-500 deg. C). Set to 300-350 C for most electronics applications.

  • Solder iron stand with sponge

  • Solder wire, lead free

  • A set of soldering tips

  • A solder sucker to correct your mistakes

WARNING: A soldering iron is a fire hazard and a power tool. Always place in stand when not using, keep paper and flammable materials away from the stand. Only touch metal surfaces with the tip. Unplug immediately after use and let cool down in the stand. Do not use in Europe or otherwise plug into outlets with higher than 130V DC.

2. Digital Multimeter

  • Digital Multimeter - requires 3 AAA batteries (not provided)

  • Set of electrical probes to measure voltage, current, electrical connection and many more functions

  • Temperature probe

  • Instructions booklet (in English)

3. Wiring:

  • 2 pieces of wire

  • Wire stripper tool

  • Wire cutter to neatly trim the backside of your circuit board after soldering in the components

4. Other Tools:

  • Phillips screw driver, suitable to fasten M3 size screws used in the Zircon and TJ3B soccer robot kits

  • Tweezers to grab small components, indispensable for soldering surface mount components

  • Sharp nosed pliers to bend and manipulate wires on small circuit boards

All tucked into a handy nylon sleeve, so you can take your projects over to your friend's house, or do your tinkering wherever you find a power outlet. (You will need to unscrew the soldering stand to fit it into the bag.)

We did our best to pick useful components of high quality, but we welcome your ideas and feedback: What are you building? What did you like about the tools, and what can we improve? Please let us know through the Contact Page or post a comment at the very bottom of this page!

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